run into

run into
・I ran into Steve last night at the supermarket. 私は、昨晩、スーパーでスティーブとばったり会った。
・I was hoping I’d run into you. 会えるといいなと思ってたの。
・Nice running into you after all this time. 久しぶりにばったり出会えてうれしい。
・We’re gonna run into overtime because of this. このせいで長引いてしまいます。

  • While I was hanging out at the mall, I ran into Ken.


Of course! Here are five sentences using the phrase “run into”:

  • I didn’t expect to run into my old high school teacher at the grocery store.
  • While researching the topic, they ran into a lot of unexpected difficulties.
  • You might run into some traffic if you leave during rush hour.
  • During her morning jog, she often runs into neighbors walking their dogs.
  • If you run into any problems with the software, don’t hesitate to call our tech support team.