catch up

catch up
【句自動-1】〔先行するものに〕追い付く、肩を並べる◆【用法】catch up with
【句自動-2】〔遅れや欠点などを〕補う、取り戻す◆【用法】catch up on [with]
【句自動-3】〔最新の情報などを〕取り入れる、確かめる◆【用法】catch up on [with]
・We spent some time catching up on each other’s health and families. われわれは、最近のお互いの健康や家族のことを話し合った。
【句自動-4】〔人の間違いなどを〕指摘する、あげつらう◆【用法】catch up on

  • You’ve got to keep up with it. Once you fall behind, it’s hard to catch up.


Sure, here are five sentences using the phrase “catch up”:

  • After returning from vacation, she spent the entire day trying to catch up on emails and work assignments.
  • The two friends met at their favorite café to catch up on each other’s lives after not seeing each other for years.
  • Despite his efforts, the runner couldn’t catch up with the lead athlete in the final stretch of the race.
  • I need to catch up on my reading this weekend; I’ve fallen behind on my book club’s reading list.
  • The technology firm is investing heavily in research and development to catch up with its competitors in the market.