feel like

feel like
・What do you feel like doing on your day off? 休みには何をしたいですか?
・I don’t feel like eating much at the height of summer. 夏の暑い盛りには食欲が出ない。
・Feel like coming over? 来る?◆パーティーなどに誘うとき◆文頭のDo youが略された形。
・I feel like I could cry. 泣きたい思いだ。
・I don’t feel like it yet. まだそういう気分じゃないの。◆誘いに対する返答
・Do you feel like coming to a party at my place? 私の所でパーティーするんだけど来る?
・I feel like there’s my mother in me somewhere. 自分のどこかに母親がいるような気がする。

  • I feel sort of dizzy and I feel like throwing up. You look pale!
    「何だか目まいと吐き気がするよ。」 「顔が真っ青よ。」


Sure, here are five sentences using the phrase “feel like”:

  • After the long week, I just feel like staying in and watching movies all weekend.
  • Sometimes, when you’re far from home, you might feel like you don’t belong.
  • She didn’t feel like going out tonight, so she decided to cancel her plans and relax at home.
  • Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a routine and need a change of scenery?
  • He woke up feeling like he could conquer the world today, full of energy and motivation.