free of charge

Registration forms can be obtained free of charge.

for free


“For free” and “free of charge” are phrases used to indicate that something is given without payment or without cost. However, they differ slightly in formality and usage context:

  1. For Free:
  • “For free” is a more casual and colloquial expression. It’s commonly used in everyday speech and informal writing.
  • It straightforwardly implies that something is given or obtained without any payment or exchange.
  • Example: “They were giving out samples of the new snack for free at the supermarket.”
  1. Free of Charge:
  • “Free of charge” is more formal and is often used in official or business contexts.
  • It emphasizes the absence of any charges or fees for a service or product and is commonly seen in written notices, advertisements, or official communications.
  • Example: “The hotel offers a shuttle service free of charge for all guests.”

While both phrases essentially mean the same thing, “free of charge” might be preferred in formal or professional settings, whereas “for free” is more likely to be used in everyday conversation.