pass for

pass for
・You could pass for a famous actor when you get dressed up. あなたはドレスアップしたら、有名な俳優と言っても通用するだろう。
・I don’t want to pass for white. 白人として通りたくない。
・We could pass for 21. 21歳で通るよ。
・Yeah, you could probably pass for 12. ああ、たぶん12歳でいけると思うよ。
・It might pass for a natural disaster. 自然災害として通るかもしれません。

  • His niece is sociable and mature for her age. She could pass for twenty-something.


Certainly! Here are five sentences using the phrase “pass for”:

  • With his talent for accents, he could pass for a native speaker in several different countries.
  • The costume was so well-made that, from a distance, it could easily pass for an authentic 18th-century dress.
  • In the dimly lit room, the fake diamond necklace could pass for a real one.
  • He’s so knowledgeable about local traditions and culture that he could pass for a local, even though he’s only been living here for a year.
  • The replica of the famous painting was executed so skillfully that it might pass for the original in the eyes of the untrained.