pass by

pass by
・I pass by the hospital every day on my way to work. 私は毎日、通勤途中に病院のそばを通る。
・”What are you doing here anyway?” “I just happened to be passing by.” 「それにしても、あなたはここで何をしているんですか?」「私は、ただの通りすがり[通り掛かっただけ]です」

  • A woman passed by me giving off a subtle scent of perfume. It reminded me of my ex-girlfriend.


Sure, here are five sentences using the phrase “pass by”:

  • As we sat in the café, we watched people pass by the window, each absorbed in their own world.
  • Don’t just let opportunities pass by; you have to reach out and grab them.
  • The seasons pass by so quickly, it feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the start of summer.
  • Every day, she would pass by the old house and reminisce about the childhood memories it held.
  • The tourists passed by the ancient monument, unaware of the rich history it represented.