make much of

  • For years the press overlooked the problem. But now, if anything, they are making too much of it.

make too much of

make much of
・My mom always made much of my brother’s every little cough. 母はいつも、兄がちょっと咳をしただけで、いちいち心配する。


Certainly! Here are five sentences using the phrase “make much of”:

  • Despite his modest achievements, he didn’t make much of it and remained humble.
  • She made much of the small details in her artwork, ensuring everything was perfect.
  • The media made much of the celebrity’s comment, causing a lot of unnecessary speculation.
  • During the ceremony, the principal made much of the school’s improvement in test scores.
  • He didn’t want to make much of his birthday this year and preferred a quiet evening at home.