I’m grateful to you と I appreciate it の違い


  • Without your solid support, the deal would have fallen through. I’m grateful to you.
  • Nick, I’m counting on you. OK, I’ll see to it. Thanks, I appreciate it. Don’t mention it.
    「頼りにしてるわ、ニック。」 「大丈夫、きちんとやっておきます。」 「ありがとう。感謝するわ。」 「いいんですよ。」


Both “I’m grateful to you” and “I appreciate it” are polite expressions of gratitude, but they convey slightly different nuances and may be used in different contexts:

  1. “I’m grateful to you”:
    • Personal Connection: This phrase explicitly acknowledges the person’s role in whatever you’re grateful for. It creates a direct, personal link between your feeling of gratitude and the individual’s action.
    • Depth of Feeling: The word “grateful” can carry a sense of deep thankfulness and is often used in situations where the person has been significantly impacted or helped by the action.
    • Formality: It is somewhat more formal and is often used in situations where you want to sincerely acknowledge someone’s significant effort, support, or kindness.
  2. “I appreciate it”:
    • General Gratitude: This phrase is a bit more general and can be used in a wide range of situations, from casual to formal. It doesn’t explicitly mention the person you are addressing, focusing instead on the action or favor received.
    • Versatility: “I appreciate it” can be used for small favors as well as bigger ones, making it very versatile.
    • Simplicity and Casualness: It’s straightforward and can be perceived as slightly less formal than “I’m grateful to you.”

Both expressions are polite and express gratitude, but “I’m grateful to you” might be more appropriate when you want to emphasize your gratitude towards a specific person for something significant. In contrast, “I appreciate it” is very versatile and can be used in almost any situation where you want to thank someone. The choice between the two can depend on the level of formality of the situation, the depth of gratitude you wish to express, and your personal relationship with the person you are thanking.