as well as

As well as cultivating grain, the farmer runs a grocery store.


Using “as well as” at the beginning of a sentence is less common, but it can be used effectively to emphasize the inclusiveness or add additional information to what has already been mentioned. Here are some examples:

  1. Emphasizing Inclusion or Addition:
  • “As well as the main course, the chef prepared three exquisite side dishes.”
  • “As well as being a talented musician, she’s also an accomplished painter.”
  1. Highlighting Additional Examples or Cases:
  • “As well as the financial reports, the committee will review the audit findings in today’s meeting.”
  • “As well as the common symptoms, the patient exhibited some unusual reactions to the medication.”
  1. Introducing Additional Reasons or Causes:
  • “As well as the heavy rain, the sudden drop in temperature contributed to the traffic problems.”
  • “As well as the lack of resources, poor planning led to the project’s failure.”
  1. Starting a Sentence with a Refinement or Specification:
  • “As well as the students, several faculty members will participate in the college fest.”
  • “As well as providing relief, the medicine also helps in strengthening the immune system.”

These examples show how “as well as” can be used at the beginning of a sentence to introduce additional elements, emphasize inclusiveness, or provide supplementary information or examples.